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Busy B Realty does far more than simply put a sign in the yard and pray. We are experts at pricing and marketing your property and have the tools at our disposal to ensure the maximum exposure for your property to sell your home.

  • We will help you choose the right price. Choosing the right price is critical for selling your home at the best price. We will prepare a Market Analysis to help determine the current fair market value of your home. Even if you have a market analysis from a year ago it should be redone as the market changes. You should always leave some room for negotiation, but asking too much will turn off buyers and they often will not return if you lower the price later. Properties priced too high will take longer to sell, if they sell at all, and may require you to reduce the price below what your property should have sold for just to attract attention. Asking too little can be just as damaging. A low price will make buyers suspect something is wrong with the property and may offer you even less. If you need a quick sale, we can advise you on what price to ask for, without asking too little and raising a red flag in the buyer’s eyes.
  • We will walk you through and explain the entire process. Buying and selling real estate is one of the biggest investments many people will make, and it’s not something most people do often. Even if you have sold a home before the laws, financing and the market has probably changed. We will help you through the process and clearly explain everything.
  • Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. The forms required for any home sale is one of the more confusing areas of selling your home with small print and legal jargon. We will provide the required forms, explain them, and fill them out with you. Note: By law you must fill out the property disclosure and lead based paint forms yourself, though we will provide these state mandated forms and will give general advise.
  • Marketing Plan. We understand every property is unique, even identical models on the same street, and we will prepare a personalized marketing plan.
  • We will Listen to YOU. No one knows your home or neighborhood better than you do. Your input and knowlege of your home is important in helping us prepare an appropriate marketing plan and sales literature. If you think there is something important we should add to our advertising about your property, let us know.
  • Marketing Suggestions. We know the local market and what appeals to buyers. We will suggest ways to improve the marketability of your property so it appeals to the widest market. This may includes ways to make you home appear brighter or larger, minor repairs or updates to your property, adding incentives or a home warrenty, etc.
  • Maximize Exposure on the Internet. Even if you don’t use the internet, 84% of home buyers use the internet to look for a home so it’s important not to ignore this marketing venue. Your home will appear on our website for our 100’s of daily visitors to view as well as Realtor.com, limahomes.com and base.google.com. We have also opted into IDX (an optional feature of the MLS system) which allows your home to be advertised on other local real estate websites including websites of CCR Realtors, Yocum and Prudential. (Others may be available as they add the feature to their websites). Note: Currently only Cowan Realtors, Oakridge Real Estate and Irwin Real Estate are the only members of the local association who have choosen not to use IDX to advertise their listings. (Commercial listings will also be listed on major commercial real estate sites including loop.net and bisbuysell.com)
  • Advertise through traditional media. Not everyone has the internet so we will continue to advertise though conventional media such as the Lima News and the Real Estate Market place. We will also promote your listing at the Lima Home Show and other venues.
  • Multiple Listing Service. Most homes will be purchased by a buyer using a Realtor to represent them. Therefore it’s vitally important that your home be marketed to other Realtors searching for a home for their client through the MLS system. Some companies encourage exclusive listings where only their company can bring you a buyer, and others only enter your home in the MLS system after you have an accepted offer only so they will get credit towards the official National Association of Realtors total sales. Some companies offer a discount on commission for exclusive listings because the don’t have to share the commission with other companies, but this small savings can cost you much more than the savings by limiting the number of buyers you are advertising to. We believe your home should be entered into the MLS system as soon as possible and we discourage exclusive listings to maximize your property’s exposure and sale price.
  • Our Broker is here to help. At Busy B Realty, the sale of your home is truly a team effort. The Broker is local and available for any concerns, questions or if your Realtor is not available.Remember,the listing agreement you sign with your Realtor is really an agreement with the Broker so it important to know them.
  • Setup and Attend Showings. We will setup showings and will attend all showings if you don’t feel comfortable without someone you trust at the property. We do not recommend the owner attends showings because it tends to discourage buyers and hurt negotiations. If you have pets or other special needs, we are prepared to take care of them. We will also set up appointments for inspections and appraisals when necessary.
  • We will follow up and provide feedback on every showing. Many Realtors let this task slide, but feedback is critical while your home is listed so that problems keeping your home from showing well can be fixed and marketing can be revised to target buyers who will be interested in your home.
  • We will negotiate the best deal on your behalf. There are far more details to negotiate besides just the price. This may include but is not limited to price, earnest money, financing, terms, contingencies, date of posession, allowances, cost of financing, repairs and the inclusion or exclusion of furnishings or equipment. We are experts at negotiating the sale and our duty is to obtain the best deal for you.
  • We will attend the closing. Too many Realtors don’t attend their clients closing because they feel the title company and bank will look out for your interests, but this is often not true. Their interest is closing the loan for the buyer. We will attend your closing and will look over the settlement statements to make sure the contract requirements are met and the closing is smooth.
  • Our job doesn’t stop at the closing table. We won’t forget you simply because your property has closed and we have received a check. Too often we hear from other Realtor’s ‘I’ve been paid, so my job is done.’ That is not the way to build a successfull long term business with repeat clients and is not the policy of Busy B Realty. Often final possession won’t take place until 30 days after the closing and we will be there for our clients. Keys need to be exchanged, the buyer may need additional information on the property, utilities needs switched, and we will attempt to clarify and resolve any conflicts when the buyer takes possession.
  • We’ll help you find a new house or rental. Most people are selling their home because they want to move someplace else. Whether you are looking for a new home or a rental, you deserve representation when buying a home just as much as you do when selling. We recommend you start looking before you have an accepted offer so that you are not rushed to choose a home once an offer is made. If you are moving outside of our area, we will be happy to refer you to a Realtor where you are moving.

This is only a brief summary of the nearly 200 tasks and steps your Realtor will perform for a full service listing.